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Working In Alberta’s Oil Patch

Working in Alberta’s Oil field isn’t like working anywhere else in the world. There is a seemingly limitless amount of jobs that pay an amazing amount of money for anyone that has a strong back and a good attitude. Alberta’s oil field jobs are probably the best jobs available to someone without a university degree or a trade. If you do have a degree or a trade Alberta is still probably the best place to work because working for an oil company can be quite profitable.

There are literally hundreds of different jobs you can get in Alberta that are all related to Alberta’s oil industry. There are traditional type jobs on oils rigs (both drilling rigs and service rigs), and there are also jobs working for an oil field support service, such as wirelining, snubbing, well testing, safety services, slicklining, surveying, exploration, coil tubing, and many more (I could literally go on for an hour). If you have a degree then there are many options open to you for working in an oil company’s office as well.

Getting a job in Alberta’s oil field is ridiculously easy as many companies are in such a need for workers they will take anyone off the street. All you need is a resume, a pair of steel toed work boots and a strong back and most companies will hire you on the spot.

Some companies require you to have certain tickets (courses) before they will hire you such as H2S Alive (hydrogen sulfide safety) and first aid. You can obtain these courses for under $200.

The easiest way to get a job in Alberta’s oil patch is to go to every company in town and hand them a resume, it doesn’t matter if you have any experience or not I guarantee you will get a call from at least one company within 24 hours of handing them a resume.